Wednesday, March 3, 2010

ooooooh crap

So I made it to Buenos Aires. Except for the past week, while we've been visiting w/ various members day-in day-out of our extensive Argentine family network, I've been super-battling this raging beast of a kidney infection inside my body... most of my Argentine family subscribes to either a tough-love you'll-be-fine sort of medicina or a brujeria/naturaleza approach, which is to serve me leaves brewing in a glass, massage my back, whisper dichos to me, light candles, and pray for my dolor "please to go away"... Or tell me all week that I don't have a fever, then when their husband mentions that I feel a little calientita actually dig out that thermometer and realize that I'm burnin the freak up. So the first thing I did when I got to da big city was hobble to the nearest hospital, pee in a cup, and pay for some over-the-counter antibiotics. And shove them all up in my mouth like I hadn't eaten in eight thousand days. So I was a little lightheaded from overdosing, but it's cool cus I feel pretty much a lot better right about now... (j/k, don't worry family, I'm fine.) It's just lucky (or maybe unlucky, I can't make up my mind on this yet) that I didn't have to get that infamous Argentine shot-in-the-butt full of antibiotics right on the spot in the hospital room.

So hopefully I can say hasta la vista to this flippin enfermedad (sickness).

Please light some candles and say some prayers for my kidneys.

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