Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Loro who cried Puta

So my (great) Tio Alberto has a parrot he calls Toti, he's pretty much amazing, he likes to talk a lot... Toti loves to say "Que pasa Toti?" to himself, and cry "Albeeeeeerto," and dance and whistle along to old school tango albums my tio plays on the record player next to his stoop. One day, Tia Lita explained, she came home and went over to say hello to little Toti, who at the time was still very shy and had not learned very many words yet. Tia Lita was cooing and trying to make Toti say something, and when she reached her hand out to little Toti, he suddenly cried, "PUTA PUTA PUTA PUTA PUTA PUTA PUTA PUTA PUTA" over and over and over again. "AYYY Toti!" she cried. "Cochino, Toti!" And now Toti knew the word for "bitch." Amazing animals, loros. He's gonna be a charmer, I just know it.

Que pasa, Tooootiiiiii

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