Sunday, April 4, 2010

We are on Argentine TV, people !!!


That's right, St. Patty's day Night, our cute little group of American touries headed out to the strip... Night was described a few posts back.


I failed to mention that we were met at one point by a reporter... with a camera... which we naturally assumed was off... but then he started asking us questions...

Watch Da Clip!

Katie is the first to speak on camera, blonde-ing-ly introducing us with, "Somos de los Estados Unidos!" Haha love you Katie ;).

Then Tia is on the scene speakin' her sexy French to the reporter, sayin' "Zis is my fif-ss beerghhh" 'n shit. LIES it was her very first illegally bought (and over-priced) beer of the evening. HOTT

MY favorite part is when Katie leans in and corrects her on the "Fifth" with "EIGHTYTH" as only Katie could. Hahaha I'm dyin.

Also featured in video: Benedict (house British guy), Kayla (green sweater-ed momma), Danielle (brown hair, makes crazy faces), and Weird Creepy Guy Who We All Recognize From Our Program But Who Is Totally Weird And Creepy And Followed Us Around All Night (far right, blond hair, creepy gaze).

AND DON'T MISS: Danielle's cameo appearance at the beginning of the video, in which she starts off the news report's "Short Clips To Show How Crazy These People Be Gettin In The Streets" montage with some rap hands in the air and a trademark "Crunkface" WHUT WHUT WE IS ARRIVED

I, unfortunately, am nowhere to be found.


Number one in the hood, G.

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